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Itinerary Review: Paris-Strasbourg-Zurich-Lucerne-Salzburg-Hallstatt-Munich in 15 Days

Hi all!

I am considering a trip to France, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany in Spring of 2014 for myself and my significant other. We have recent experience traveling in Europe (were in Italy for almost one month last fall and it was a seamless trip thanks to all of the wonderful advice from this forum).

We plan to travel entirely by train (obviously an odd ferry boat i.e. Hallstatt). I'm thinking of cutting one day from Paris and adding one day to Munich for daytrips to Dachau and Neuschwanstein.

Paris (4)
Strasbourg (2)
Zurich (transfer to Lucerne)
Lucerne (2)
Salzburg (3)
Hallstatt (2)
Munich (2)



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I would suggest taking one day from Salzburg and one day from Hallstatt and adding two days to Munich.

Munich is an important city that's worthy more than 2 days. There are just so many sights to see, and it's such a fun place.

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Seems like you could take a more direct route to Luzern and skip transfer in Zurich.

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I agree with above. saw all the sights in Strasbourg in a day. take a day trip to Lake Konigsee and the boat trip around the lake from Salzburg. there is a bus that takes you there

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Yes, but if you're in Strasbourg for 2 days, you can day-trip to wonderful Colmar.

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I think adding a day to Munich is a very good idea. You will need a full day to see Neuschwanstein (it is a 2 hour train ride each way from Munich). Dachau is much closer and can be fully covered in half a day. Consider planning something light hearted that afternoon such as a trip to the Engligh Garden. You also want to make sure that you have a full day to explore Munich on its own. It is a lovely city. Rather than taking a day away from Paris, I would consider shortening your stay in Salzburg. We spent 7 days n Paris last year and it was not enough.

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Look at doing the itinerary in reverse order. You could fly into Munich and then buy a Bayern Ticket that will cover your train fare from the airport all the way to Salzburg. Maybe 3 nights in Salzburg that includes a day trip to Hallstatt. Back to Munich for 4 nights (includes day trip to Neuschwanstein). On to Lucerne, Strasbourg and Paris. [Most trains between Lucerne and Strasbourg go via 1 change in Basel.] My preference would be to omit Strasbourg and add 2 more days to Paris.