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Visiting Germany for the first time in August of 2013. Fly into Munich August 20th. Fly out of Zurich Sept. 2. Would like some help on how many days and where to set up base at? We were thinking couple days in Munich then to Garmisch to base out of for a couple of days. Would like to see a little of Austria (day trip or overnight 1 day)before returning to Germany. Another base in Germany? Lake Constance area maybe? Would return rental car there if we decide to drive.
Train to Zurich for a couple of days before flying out. Any help appreciated.

Posted by David
Florence, AL, USA
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You're thinking right about setting up a base to travel out of, and doing day trips by rental car is a great way to see the scenery. It sounds as if you're wanting to experience Bavaria up close. Munich is a great European city, and worthy of a 4 day stay. Two days doesn't do it justice. Visiting Salzburg, 90 miles east of Munich by train, is also very popular. It would also be a great place to pickup a rental car as you leave town. I much better prefer to spend most of my time in Tirol (Austria), as it's just south of Garmisch, and simply more scenic. The region is also close enough where you could do day trips to Fuessen, Germany and King Ludwig's castles. I would suggest you look into making Telfs, Austria as a base of operations. If flying out of Zurich, Bregenz, Austria would be a good place to drop off a rental car and catch the train into Zurich.
Note: Many fly out of Zurich thinking they're going to see the Swiss Alps. Zurich is just a modern, quiet business city, and it's not in the mountains. I would much prefer to go back into Munich to fly home.