itenary help in South France tour

My family plan to visit wine yard and medieval castles in South France on our way from Paris to Barcelona by train. We have two nights open. Who can advise us which places to go, and how to get there? Thanks!

Posted by Jim
Dallas, Texas, USA
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Margaret, you didn't state what time of year you would be doing this,or which area in Southern France. Please provide a little more info.

Posted by margaret
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We will be there around Aug.5. We are not sure exact location. What about Pont du Gard, Avignon, or Les Baux? Our first stop is Paris, then Barcelona and Madrid.
Between Paris and Barcelona, we have two nights open, and want to visit part of South France.

Posted by Jim
Dallas, Texas, USA
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I have not experienced this, but here is what I might consider doing: take high speed train to Toulouse, rent a car, travel to Lourdes and continue to St.Jean-de-Luz, San Sebastián, possibly Bilbao, take an Easy Jet flight if not too much luggage, to Barcelona.....or you could leave Toulouse and head towards Carcassonne and drive along the cost to Barcelona. As I said, we've not personally done this trip. Also, Pamploma(running of the Bulls) is in the vicinity of the first suggestion.

Posted by Adam
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Margaret, you want wine and medieval castles, and ask about Provencal destinations. Province is a wonderful part of France and works well logistically with your itinerary. You can be there in 2-1/2 hours and it's another 5 hours or so to Barcelona by train. Two drawbacks: it's a little thin on medieval castles (I suppose the Palace du Papes qualifies, but it is hardly typical), and it is going to be packed in August. Astonishing Roman antiquities however. SW France, on the other hand, is crawling with medieval castles, many in ruins. Drawback is you do not have much time and would need to spend a lot of it driving to visit these sites. Given your constraints, Provence may be your best bet. Travel with reservations.

Posted by shirley
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I think the Languedoc is what you want - it's the southwest of France and on the way to Barcelona. You could take the high speed train from Paris to Montpellier and then transfer on to Carcassonne which has a medieval castle within the medieval walled town. From Carcassone you could take the train onto Barcelona. It's more difficult to see wineries without a car. This area of France is filled with them, but I'm not sure how you would see them without a car. Provence is really in the opposite direction from Barcelona.

Posted by christine
TAVEL, Provence, France
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Hi Margaret As the owner of a Bed and Breakfast near Avignon I will suggest our region of course ! Avignon is a direct trip in 2 hours and 40 minutes from Paris. Our village Tavel that is a wine grower village is at 12 km from Avignon but you will be in the middle if the wine fiels ! A village of 1500 inhabitants and 35 cellar/domaine. Some are open 7 days a week some not .... A lot to taste anyway. A bus is going up and down from Avignon 10 to 12 times a days then you can also visit this beautifull town without renting a car. Nevertheless if you are a wine lover you shoud not missed Chateaueneuf du Pape at 15 km from us. A 1/2 day or a day trip can be booked pick up and drop off at our place . If you need more tips I will be pleased to help you