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Italian language course in Florence Italy?

Does anyone know of a good language school in Florence? My sister lives there, so I have a place to stay and have been contemplating taking a language course.Thanks! Donna

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Yes! About 4 years ago I spent a month in Florence going to the language school Leonardo de Vinci. It is located very near the Duomo. I had a great time although I was by far the oldest one in the class. This course will give college credits if you want them. Their e-mail address is:
I have a friend who goes to The ABC school. You could probably Google it. I think it is a little more low key (without tests).
I don't have any other info on that school but she has been going there for the past 3 years and attends for 3 months a year. She loves it.
I hope this helps. If you can't find it, let me know and I'll e-mail my friend who is there now.

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Yeah, ABC School ( seems so much fun. I'm goign there in two weeks and they have been more than helpful answering all my questions in time (I email them about once every couple of days they must go crazy). Its location also is very near the Uffizi and the Duomo and its prices are better than anywhere else. If you are student of Italian language, history of art, fine arts, they give you a 50% discount on the course too!

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Dear Donna,

I live in Oregon so it may be different here but 4 week trips to Florence to learn the language are available through the Community Colleges here.

They are set up so you stay with an Italian family and take classes 4 hours a day which gives you the rest of the day for sightseeing, plus weekends for taking the train to Rome, Venice, etc.

You are served breakfast and dinner with the family and the prices are most reasonable.

I know the regular language schools have classes full time each day, but several of my friends that have gone on these have said it's so great to stay with the famlies and they help with the language also.

You may try your own local colleges, or contact PCC@edu.