Is there a night train from Nice to barcelona

Trying to save travel time and need a night train from Nice to Barcelona and Barcelona to Paris, advice please.

Posted by Jon
Austin, Texas, U S A
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Hello Dawn or if you speak Spanish Hola Dawn! I do not speak Spanish, just enough Tex/Mex to get by. You did not share enough info, but the answer as I know it: No Night Trains. Please share more info. Jon V.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Dawn look into cheap flights, we flew from Barcelona to Paris last summer total cost for the two of us, all in ( checked bag and taxes) was 96 euros!!! BUT I had booked well in advance ,last minute bookings are more expensive. We also flew from Nice to Barcelona, cost was about 90 euros for two as I recall. We used Vueling and Easyjet.

Posted by Neil
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'Trying to save travel time' - then you should not train. - will give all train permutations for whatever journey.

Posted by Nigel
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Nice to Barcelona isn't a good train connection. If you leave Nice at 20:08 (8:08pm) it will take you 4 connections and getting you in nearly 18 hours later at 13:48. You will have to wait on a station for 8 hours in the middle of the night. There are no trains which run all through the night on that route. There is one decent daytime run which only takes 8:21, leaving at 12:27 and arriving at 20:48, with 44 minutes in Montpellier and 15 minutes at the border at Figueres. Flying would be considerably faster.