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internet access

Okay, I'm traveling primarily to Baumholder but need internet access while in Germany. Is this a lost cause in a small town? Where does one go? What can I expect? Thanks,

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Internet access is available in small towns but expect to pay a lot! I paid 4 euros for 8 minutes in a small town. However, in Baden Baden, you could have 30 minutes for 5 euros. Keyboards in Germany are not set up in QWERTY format. AOL was in German. I found using the internet in Germany and Austria very frustrating.

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You can easily set your keyboard to US standard simply be klicking on the "DE" or "US" on your task bar. This immiediately turns your QWERTZ into QWERTY and the other way around. Most internet cafes I've come across in Germany are free, i.e. internet is free provided you buy a coke or so. Ask locals. I don't know why you would expect AOL to be in English in a German speaking country. There's also where you can surf for hours for just €2 or so.