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International driving

Greetings Travelers!!

I will be driving through Switzerland,Italy and Austria in June. Will I need an intenational driving permit or will my US driving license be adequate? Thank You for your ideas.

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International driver's permit is definately needed for Austria and it's good to have in any country. If you are pulled over they will respomd much better to the IDP then a regular state license. They are only $10 (bring a passport picture)at AAA and you don't have to be a member to get one.

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You do not need an international drivers license to drive in any of those countries.

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Driving is great in Europe as the drivers are much better than here in the U.S. They stay out of the left lane except for passing, etc. and they drive fast, especially in Italy.

We love the freedom of driving on our own.

Have fun!

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An International Drivers Permit (in addition to your U-S license) is legally required in Austria and Italy. They're easily obtainable from the AAA.

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Get the International Permit. People that have not had a problem say it is not needed. If you have a problem it will save lots of stress. Our first week in Germany we saw two major accidents. One was on the US Army Post. We had the people camping next to us have their car totaled turning into the campground in Lucerne. They were from Sweden and had to have their car towed back. Read Rick on insurance. They are good drivers, but accidents happen and the police know the international liscence.