Interlaken to Basel to Paris -

Good Afternoon, I have a Swiss Card and will be using that for my trip from Interlaken to Basel. Do I need a reservation for this trip? And if so, How do I indicate that I have the Swiss Card and my fare is covered 100% for this trip? I will make a reservation from Basel to Paris in a few days as that is the 90-day window for obtaining tickets. How much time will it take me to transfer from the train in Basel to the train for Paris? Will I have to go through any type of customers at the station between trains? Any guidance is appreciated. Thank you.

Posted by Lola
Seattle, WA
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You do not need a reservation from Interlaken to Basel. If this is the free travel day (last day) on your Swiss Card, you can just board the train and show the card to the conductor, indicating that this is your outbound trip to the border. (It has been some years since I used a Swis Card, so I don't remember for sure, but there may be a place on the card to write the date you are using it for your outbound journey. If so, do write in the date before boarding the train).

Posted by Marcus
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Basel is a busy station but its very easy to navigate. 5-10 mins should be enough. If you're even remotely concerned ask the conductor which tracks you're arriving and departing out of - he'll be able to tell you. should list that info as well. Just search for your route/train. You won't have any sort of customs.

Posted by De
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Thanks so much for all of your info. We are new to traveling abroad and like to have as many t's crossed and i's dotted before we leave so we can just enjoy being in the moment when sightseeing. Thanks again - Everyone on this site is so very helpful.