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In Paris for 2 days

I will be in Paris on Fri and Saturday in August. Do I need a museum pass to go to the Louvre? Any other suggestions on the best way to spend the 2 days? thanks

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Though you don't "need" a museum pass to get into the Louvre, it does allow you to bypass the main ticket line at the pyramid and use the side/group entrance. The pass also lets you bypass other museum purchace lines. It may or may not save you money depending on how many museums you visit, but it will save time at the big sites...Personal thoughts: The Louvre is huge, budget your time. Do not miss the Orsay, it's wonderful. The Rodan museum is quite good and very refreshing as museums go...There is so much to see but just walking around is an excellent experiance. Get Ricks' Paris book and study up, you'll figure out what to do...One last thing, Paris is big, so get your feet wet and ride the Metro right away. It's fast, easy, and will save a lot of time getting around.

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Hi Ashley,
Too bad you can't extend to 3 days instead - 2 is kinda rushing it!
Don't try to absorb too much at the Louvre - it's just too big, and your feet won't thank you for it. I'd recommend the Orsay Museum if you have time. Make use of the subway (metro) system if you need to go long distance. But seriously, you can literally walk from West to East end of Paris in about an hour (I know, because I've done it!), so lots of stuff in walking distance. It's only 2 days, and you'll want to go on a little of a command-and-conquer "mission", but try to soak in the Parisian cafe scene at the same time. It's the only way you'll really enjoy Paris.Shawn

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Two days. Not a a lot of time. My suggestion: take the Batobus to the main sightseeing destinations. The Batobus is utilized by the locals to get around. It stops at eight locations. All major points of interest, including the Louvre. Unless you a heart set in going into the Louvre, I would wait until another Paris adventure. If you want something a little different, visit the Paris sewer and the catacombs.

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For two days, unless there are attractions quite a distance apart from each other that you must see, I would not spend too much time criss-crossing the city via the metro. It is great and fast and you certainly should use it for longer stays.. but pick an area and a few things to see, and be sure to spend some time just walking and enjoying the cafe scene. I'd start in the center of the city -- with Notre Dame. If you love old cathedrals & stained glass walk over to St. Chappelle. If you rather do art museume -- see a few things at the Louvre (Mona of course!) and walk across the river to the D'Orsay - possibly on to the Rodin museum. At some point, take a Seine boat ride where you can see the Eiffel Tower. If you absolutely must go up it, this will cut a chunk of time out of your day. But don't miss the tower light show at night (it's best seen from the ground).

have fun!

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Go to the Louvre Fri night, it's half price and quieter than during the day, students are free. We went to the Rodin Museum and only saw the gardens. It's only E1 to go to the gardens and the Thinker and 1/2 dozen other statues are there. If you like Monet you must go to L'Orangerie museum, it was my fav. Take some wine and cheese and a blanket down to the Champ De Mars after dark and watch the Tower light up. It's safe and there are lots of other people down there.

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I go to Paris often as it's my favorite city. I suggest you buy a pass & just do a walkthru of a few museums looking mostly for the biggies in each. To me, the real charm of Paris is the city itself. I love to walk around & suggest you give one day to the right bank & one day to the left & just absorb the city itself. When you're tired, you can stop at cafes which will give you another Paris experience. The city is extra beautiful at night. Even tho it's touristy, I'd metro to the Arc de Triomphe & walk along the Champs Elysees stopping for dinner at one of the cafes along the way. Also, look around for the tour Eiffel on the hour - for 10 min, the lights twinkle & it's pretty. There's so much to see & do in Paris that 2 days won't even make a dent. I suggest that you just stay loose, enjoy the city, & plan to return.