In Paris&#59; Bastille or Republi'que

We are interested in a hotel that is quiet and in a neighborhood that is comfortable and safe to walk day or night. I understand that these two areas are more residential and possibly more quiet. We will be there in September and are looking at hotels in the 200 euro range.
Does anyone have any recommendations regarding these two neighborhoods or others. OR particular hotels? Thanks...

Posted by Kim
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On the contrary, these are two of the liveliest areas of Paris. If you want to be near the action -- great restaurants, etc -- these are great neighborhoods. I'm sure there are pockets of quiet there, but I wouldn't characterize them as quiet in general.

Posted by Bets
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Agree with Kim. You can go to the most residential area of Paris, like Bercy, but if there is a restaurant or cafe with outdoor seating under your window, good luck. On the other hand, if you are in the densest part of town but on an inner courtyard, it can be very calm. Always check google streetview and ask for a courtyard room if you want calm.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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LB.. who ever you are getting your information from,, stop listening to them now! lol Kim and Bets are absolutely correct.. those areas are considered fun and lively.. not quiet or residential. I suggest if that's really what you want you stay in the 7th or 15th.. possibly on a quiet street in the 14th .. all areas have busier and quieter streets.. At this date your choices are becoming limited.. September is high season for hotel occupancy.. so find an area you like, get a decent clean room and if they have a good cancellation policy .. book it and then you can continue looking for something you may really love.. just be sure to cancel the other place as soon as you find something else and within cancellation policies limits. I would put out a lot of feelers and see what you can get.

Posted by Jean
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Hi LB, We stayed at the Hôtel Sainte-Beuve last year, a few blocks from the Jardin du Luxembourg - very nice, quiet area. I just checked on Expedia, and it may not be available, depending on your dates. We've been very happy with all of the hotels that I've ed in Europe. I run a search for hotels in the city on Expedia, search by "Guest Rating", & start reading the reviews for hotels in our price point. For instance, the Latin Quarter is noisier than the Luxembourg garden area. You'll notice very quickly reading through some hotel reviews which ones cater to what's important to you. By the way, "small room" is typical in Paris... Keep in mind that preferably you don't want to be too far at the end of the Metro lines, or you'll spend too much time riding into the city. And, stay away from the train station enighborhoods for a quieter hotel. I'm not tied to Expedia, but I will mention that I really like booking with them because I've paid for the hotel up front in US dollars, so I don't need to pay the hotel (I do bring a paper copy of the transaction), and I already know what the final price is - no fluctuation with the Euro after booking. Enjoy your trip! I love Paris!

Posted by Sarah
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We stayed at the Hotel Londres Eiffel in the 7th and paid 200 euros per night for a room for 2 people. The hotel is on a very quiet one-way street, and our room was on the courtyard so there was basically no outdoor noise.

Posted by LB
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I appreciate all the hotel information, especially the Expedia Search method. All the recommended hotels are booked at this late date, but thank you. Has anyone stayed in Bercy? I like the area and the Hotel de la Porte Dorre sounds really nice, quiet, traditional. I would ideally like to stay at least close enough to the city to go back to the hotel during the day at times. This is about 5 miles out from the city center I may need to rethink it. thx...

Posted by Dale
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There's a cozy 4-star boutique hotel called Villa Beaumarchais in the Marais, North of Place des Vosges and a block west of Blvd. Beaumarchais, above Bastille. It's on a quiet little cul-de-sac - Rue des Arquebusiers. Close to the popular areas, but in a quiet corner.

Posted by Cecilia
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I am staying near Gare Lyon in October at Hotel De Reims. I prepaid at € 108/nt. They have a vaulted breakfast cellar. The rating at tripadvisor is good and rooms are modern. There is a laundromat two doors down. Check it out.