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Icelandair Business (Saga) Class

Greetings All:

We are planning a Paris trip for next year and are considering taking Icelandair's Saga Class and would be grateful for comments on the communities Icelandair SAGA experiences.

Also,I want to thank those who commented to my question about using Car Phone Warehouse mobile phones in England. CPW staff, phones and services were great and I recommend them highly.

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I have only flown Icelandair economy so I can't answer your question directly. I will tell you our experience was so good we are choosing to fly with them again to Germany next summer. We were very pleased with the leg room and greatly enjoyed the personal tvs at our seats. The attendants were kind and helpful too.

Enjoy Paris!


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I was considering Icelandair next year to Amsterdam. Although I have read some very concerning issues with them. I plan on doing a lot more research before before booking. Their rates are good, but not sure on the service.

Link below. Seems like a lot of unahppy SAGA passengers

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Flew with Iceland air to Sacramento 2 weeks ago and found everything to be fine. They could have come by with drinks a bit more often, but that is fairly minor. Seats are comfy, lots of great movies and transferring in Iceland couldn't be easier. Flying back to Frankfurt tomorrow, so will let you know how the trip is going the other direction. For the price and the short flight over to Europe, you can't beat it.

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We flew Saga class in April into Paris and out of Frankfurt. Excellent service and food, very friendly. The seats are more like domestic business class, not fully reclinable and no adjustable footrests attached to the seat. A short person would want to bring a footrest or such. We will fly them and Saga class again. Overall a good value.

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We flew Icelandair economy a few years ago and were pleased and comfortable at that time. We were younger and airlines gave more space and seat padding. We also enjoyed our three days in Iceland.

Investigating Saga for our next trip, I see on Seat Guru the seat pitch 40 and width 20.5 are just a bit better than Air France Premium Economy (38 and 19). I would equate it with Premium Economy rather than Business (55-61 and 21.5, almost a bed), but some of the perks may be better as it is the airline's highest class: food, lounge access, priority bag handling, etc. For my IAD/CDG route Saga was $250 more than AF Premium Economy.

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Just arrived back in Frankfurt on Friday. The Iceland Air flight from Seattle only took 7 hours, which was a treat. I found the seats to be comfortable and the entertainment system is great. Bring your own head-phones or earplugs. The flight attendants handed everyone a bottle of water while boarding, but came around frequently during the night to offer more, as well as coffee. The Saga class looked a bit more comfortable, but as others have noted, it isn't the full on business class with reclining chairs like you might see on other airlines.

All in all, this is an airline I will use again, mainly because of the much shorter flights, and lower prices. I also want to plan a layover in Iceland for a couple of days next time too, as it looks fantastic.

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Many thanks to all who replied to my question concerning Icelandair's Saga class service. We are very grateful.

Best wishes,


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We flew Icelandair SAGA class in Oct. We loved it, very comfortable seats, service was great. It was nice to have the brief stop on the way. We would recommend it.

Happy traveling,