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I need your help

Hi everyone!... I've been reading this site for years now and I feel like I Know you!... I hope you can help me. I'm starting to plan our next trip,it will be my 7 years old son first trip to Europe (fourth one for DH and me),so it's going to be VERY family oriented. My sister lives like 40min. south of Brussels,that will be our base.
Paris is a dream for my son, it's #1 on our list. Brugges is very close from "home" so I'm thinking of it as a day trip. Somewhere here I read about Europa Park and I'd like to ask you if you think is worth the traveling, maybe Burg Elz castle, Bacharach and then head to Rust?
He is a very active and curious kid who loves to play and run.
I'm planning this trip to be around Aug/Oct 09
Any help will be very,very appreciated!
Thank you. I hope everyone have a WONDERFUL next vacation!

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Burg Eltz Castle is excellent. Active kids can climb all over Rheinfels Castle in St. Goar on the Rhine - a ruined castle with a super view and a good museum.

Stay in Cochem before Burg Eltz, an easy trip from there - there's a falconry show at Reichsburg Castle you'd all enjoy, a Waterpark (Moselbad), and a wild animal park (in nearby Klotten) which has never interestd me but perhaps would interest your son.

Cochem's also a good place to set out on a bike ride - paved paths in the area along the river make it easy.

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If you're going to be close to Brussels, I can't imagine a 7 year old wouldn't be fascinated by Mini Europe:

There's also a kid-friendly amusement park on the coast called Plopsaland, based on the characters from a popular Flemish children's TV show:
Type "Kabouter Plop" into the search engine on YouTube, and look for the clip labeled "Kabouterdans". Even though its in Dutch, I guarantee the song will stick in your head.

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Thanks Russ and Tom!... It felt great to see replies for my post.
Thank you again!