Hut to Hut Hiking

Thinking about going hut-to-hut hiking in the Swiss Alps in early July. Does anyone know if reservations are needed? Would prefer not to, if possible, to keep my itinerary flexible.

Posted by Anita
Long Beach, California, USA
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My husband and I have done this several times in Italy and depends on which part of the Swiss Alps you plan to go to. If you are going to the area around the more popular climbing & hiking regions such as Zermatt or the Jungfrau, definitely make reservations. We have also "flown by the seat of our pants" and just hiked without reservations. Once you get in at one hut, they will call ahead for you and make reservations at the next hut you plan to hike to that day. It can be a crap shoot but it's fun! We've only had a couple of occasions where there wasn't room at the hut we wanted to go to - but then we just go in a different direction and go to a hut where there is room. If you're flexible about your sleeping accommodations and don't mind sleeping in a dorm-style room then you shouldn't have too many problems.
Have a great time!