How to go from Caen to Dinan via train/bus

How can I get from Bayeux FR to Dinan using trains and buses? The best thing I've come up with is taking the train from Bayeux to Pontorson, then hopefully finding a bus that goes to Dinan. Has anyone done that? Please don't suggest renting a car; that is absolutely out of the question. The rub seems to be that the train from Bayeux arrives in Pontorson 1 minute before the train from Pontorson takes off for Dinan. Even with the best of luck, we can't hope to make that connection.

Posted by Jeff
Taunusstein, Germany
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Brenda; I don't know where you are looking but scanning on the DB (Deutsche Bahn) website there are 3 departures from Bayeux to Dinan connecting at Dol De Bretagne. These all would be local trains requiring no reservations. The DB Website has some of the most comprehensive schedules of any site in Europe. Check out the site at DB SITE I live part time in Normandy and the trains are reasonably punctual but perhaps a tad expensive for one way trips. Good luck with your journey. Jeff Leknes

Posted by Brenda
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Thanks Jeff, you've been a big help. My computer won't let me pull up the bus schedule, but I think I'll take the train from Bayeux to Pontorson then look for a bus to Dinan. For now, I'm crossing my fingers that they have a departure after 19:40. Brenda

Posted by Tim
Minneapolis, MN, USA
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I just checked the DB site and found connections to be slightly different from what Jeff reported. If you depart at either 07:28 or 14:31, you will connect in Rennes and Lamballe. There are no evening trains that you could take.