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How to Eat/Drink Cheap in Holland

I see lots of stuff on the Traveler's Helpline about eating cheap in the UK (Sainsbury's, etc.), but not much about doing the same in Holland. The Dutch equivalent of S's is Albert Heijn supermarkets/grocery stores. They're everywhere throughout Holland (sorta like the A&P but fresher); you can buy cheap, pre-prepared meals to bring back to your hotel/have a picnic and save many bucks from your eating budget. You'll also find their beverage section will sell you wine and beer (no spirits) much more cheaply than the local liquor store (usually in NL, Gall & Gall). A special add-on to your pre-prepared salad, or pasta, or heat-up whatever ; pick up some shrimp or other sea-food, fresh, from the deli counter and add-on. Bon appetit.

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