How safe is Paris Subway at Night

We are arriving by train around 9 p.m. into Paris on a Saturday night - we will need to take the subway to our hotel near the Louvre - how safe is the subway at this time? Of course we will look like tourists with our carryon luggage, too.

Posted by Susan
Marin County/San Francisco
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In my experience, it is very safe. Take the usual precautions and be aware of pickpockets.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Gin, I can only relate my own experiences, and (so far) I haven't had any problems or concerns in the Paris Metro at night. As the previous reply mentioned, be vigilant and watch for pickpockets. Bon Voyage!

Posted by gone
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hi, its probably safer there then FW. i was walking around the Eiffel Tower and along the river towards the Louve at night w/o issues. as stated just be aware of your surroundings. just so you know at some places its almost like vegas/reno at night with so many people out and around. on my way out i took one of the first tube rides out of Paris to CGD and it was fine too. Sort of strange knowing how many people live there but so few around at that early AM. happy trails.

Posted by Ms. Jo
Frankfurt, Germany
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If it is summer time, it won't even be dark outside until almost 23:00, and even then, it isn't absolutely dark. When we were there for Bastille day, they had to wait until about 23:30 to set off the fireworks, as it wasn't dark enough. The city is lively, especially on a Sat. night. People out walking around, enjoying the evening.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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It will be fine, do watch your stuff, don't bring more then you can easily handle.. but I would take the RER if I didn't have to deal with a lot of luggage, small or cranky kids, or had some mobility issues.. What hotel are you staying at, can you walk there from the RER or do you have to transfer to metro ?
Also , if they are three or more of you the price difference between a taxi and taking RER (you take the RER from airport , not the subway or metro) is not that great..

Posted by Karen
Sacramento, CA, USA
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I recently stayed not too far from the Louvre as well. We did not take the RER/Metro from the airport late at night, but we were rarely back to our hotel before 9PM, and this was before daylight savings over there so it was dark before 8pm. Also, this time of year (after the time change which happened 3/31 in Paris) it stays light out much later and Paris stays busy until farily late. The RER is E9.50 per person, it cost us E40.00 to take a taxi to the airport, so as the previous poster stated if you are a party of 3 or more, it's probaly worth it to just take a taxi.

Posted by Sam
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I think the OP said she was arriving by train.