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How many days to spend in Rothenburg & Bacharach

I'm travelling through Germany and before I visit Berlin I have about 3 extra days and I wanted to visit Rothenburg & Bacharach before heading up.

Does anyone know if I can go to both places without being too hurried? Which place should I spend 2 night and which place should I spend one night. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Each place has its own charm - I have visted both places and here is an account -

Rothenburg is a charming place, which will require 1 full packed day for visting sights - this is a medieval city experience

Bacharach has more to offer - Rhine cruise, St.Goar, bacharach and so on. - is more of nature and history combined.

If you have 3 days only - get to Rothenburg - early in the morning, spend the rest of the day and stay in rothenburg. Then you can spend the next 2 days in Bacharach

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Considering that you have only 3 days and that travelling, checking into and out of hotels, packing and unpacking will easily take half a day, I would suggest visiting only one location. I would probably agree with the previous comment that Bacharach probably has more to offer. In addition to the previously mentioned activities, you can also easily visit the Mosel River area, including Burg Eltz and Trier.

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You can go to Rothenburg for 1 night, that is plenty to get an overview in my opinion, then leave there around noon and go to Bacharach for 2 nights. That gives you 1 day on the Rhine, etc.

We move around a lot when we're in Europe as we always like to mix it up, etc. but we go twice a year. Most people I notice who post info, seem to stay long periods of time in 1 spot. We never stay more than 3 nights anywhere unless it's a major city, etc.