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How long does it take to drive Rothenburg to Fussen on romantic road?

Our family is going to be driving from Rothenburg to Fussen on the romantic road and I am trying to figure out how long it will take. Can anyone help me out?? Thanks!!

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According to Michelin's website, it will take you 4hr 26min from Rothenburg to Füssen. That is if you never stop to see something, which kind of defeats the purpose of the road. That works out to an average speed of 39 mph.

I pulled this quote off of Trip, "The Romantic Road is not very romantic -- it is in fact a narrow two-lane road with lots of truck traffic moving along at about 40mph."

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I have driven it several times and will be doing it again. Stop in the village of Harburg and have lunch in the castle. We stopped for lunch and stayed the night. Great real place. I love driving through the mountains of Bavaria. Before the mountains my daughters were overcome by the smell of the fields. The honey wagons had visited!

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I remembered from last year it not taking more than 4 hours and we stopped 3 times. I drove around 60 the whole way and there was little traffic but that was in early May. It's a nice easy drive with nice little towns and scenery.