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How is luggage stored on Swiss trains?

We plan to travel by train in Switzerland and will have one large and one small suitcase. How is luggage stored on the trains-in the same car or elsewhere? Is theft of luggage been a problem on Swiss trains? If so, how do we make sure our luggage is secure? Does buying a 1st class ticket help? Thank you-we're newbies!

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Take the bags on the train with you and store them either overhead of your seat or at the front or rear of the car in the foyer where people enter and exit the train car. I've never heard of luggage theivery on a Swiss train...not like Italian trains.

1st class will get you bigger seats with less people traveling in your car. There is also baggage service with Swiss Rail. Check your bags in at the train station and have them sent ahead of you to your destination.

If you are really paranoid about storing your luggage on any train then just take on of those bicycle chain locks and chain your luggage to the metal bars supports.

Swiss trains are wonderful, and you won't have any problems.

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We just returned from a month in western Europe, including several days in Switzerland. Rode several trains in Switzerland and luggage storage was never an issue. We had 1st class Eurorail pass and was always able to keep luggage overhead or behind seats. Switzerland seems to have more private rails than other countiries and this requires buying another ticket and buying 1st class on these may not be worthwhile. But for the Eurorail, 1st class is definately worth the upcharge in my opinion. There were times when 2nd class cars were full (and noisy) and we were practically alone in 1st class.

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Not only do you need a 1st class ticket, you need a reservation. The train we were on was overbooked and those without a reservation had to stand in 1st class. The train went from Milan to Lucerne. My husband had to stand by the luggage as people got off as there had been a robbery at the beginning of the trip. That was in Italy. We would have a chain and lock with us if we rode that way again. We will be riding a train in Switzerland and aren't afraid, but we will be cautious. Don't be late. The Swiss trains aren't. Have fun!