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hotels or plce to stay in Normandy

WE will be in Normandy area for 2 nights before we head to Loire Valley. Any central area to stay so we can explore all the sights...

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Hotel Churchill in Bayeux is a good property in a great location. Several other hotels nearby as well. You can easily set up tours from there or rent a car and drive yourself.

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Not sure when you are going but all sights governed by AMBC are currently closed, what a shame.

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You will not be able to see all the sights , but as many other experienced travelers here will tell you , Bayeux is the best logical choice .

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I agree with Stephen. My wife and I stayed at Hotel Churchill this past June and found it to be a nice hotel in a good location. Also, you can easily book a shuttle(in advance) through the hotel to Mont St Michel, if you are interested in traveling there for a day trip without a car.

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Thanks for all the replies..... what is there to see around Bayeaux except the d day sites???

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Hotel d'Argouges in Bayeux is our favorite. We've stayed there at least 6 times. Love it!

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vrg, I agree with the others - another vote for Bayeux. The two hotels mentioned in previous replies are worth considering. What to do in Bayeux..... > D-Day sites - there's an excellent WW-II Museum there and you could also take one of the excellent local tours. If you're interested in the names of some of the tour firms, post another note. > Bayeux Tapestry - the famous Tapestry is well worth seeing. It depicts a much earlier battle, the Battle of Hastings (England). > Bayeux - it's a wonderful smaller town, has a small but impressive Church and some great restaurants. You could also pay a visit to Mont St. Michel, although with only two days in the area I'm not sure you'll have time for much. Happy travels!

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While the D-Day sights get the bulk of the press, there are plenty of other things in Normandy. Bayeux it self is a very nice town. Intersecting main streets, plenty of places to get a meal or have a walk. The church is very nice both during the day and illuminated at night. All the information decoded from the "Tapestry" and viewing the original and study. The beaches are very pleasant, regardless of their D-Day involvement, there are other towns, the Bocage is good fun, visiting ruins (much older than D-Day and WWII), smaller towns and villages. You can follow interesting themes all the way north to the Somme, see WWI places, see plenty of birds, especially water birds. Apples and their products, the list goes on. What would you like to see? Don't forget Brittany.

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vrg, i stayed in Bayeux. it was at the HOtel Tardif. nice place and really great crossionts. Not in the "center" of town, but about 1 or 2 blocks off. happy trails.