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My husband & I will be staying in Paris a week in September. Through his employer we have secured a decent rate for a 5 star hotel at a three star rate-La Tremoille near the Champs Elysee. My husband's 2 cousins will also be in Paris-one staying neaar the Arch De Triumph and the other in St Germain. I was thinking that an apartment might be nice for my husband and I to be able to wash clothes and have more space. I have been looking at apartments in St Germain, but am nervous to outlay all the depsoits up front/security deposits etc and worry about the bed comfort, apartment amenities. Should I just stick to our safe right bank location? This is our first time in Paris.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Holly at this point your choices are going to be very limited, September is a busy month, good accomadation will likely be booked up by now.. I am not wild about your location, a bit boring to me but that is personal taste. The hotel you are staying at is very well reviewed. No point in changing really , at least not at this point. Sure you will find "something" avaialable at this point but it won't be the pick of the crop now, and frankly if you like 5 star hotels then you may find the lack of service with an apartment difficult, no concierge, no bellmen, etc.. I am not saying this to be mean, I just mean it just may not be a good choice for you at this time. Next time you go to Paris I would say yes, try an apartment and yes, St Germain would be my choice, love the area, and perhaps even look at the luxury apartment rental agencies that offer more services.. etc. Go and enjoy the hotel .

Posted by Rose
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I'm going to disagree with the previous reply and say that if an upscale hotel with all the amenities is what you want and may be used to, then La Tremoille is a good place to stay for your first time in Paris. You will be able to walk easily to the Arc de Triomphe (and be close to your relative who is staying near there), as well as to the Eiffel Tower and the Rue Cler area, if that appeals to you. Also close by you can easily begin a Seine river cruise. And strolling on that end of the Champs Élysées at night is lovely. With your other relative staying in St. Germaine you will have a point of reference for meeting up there to explore the Left Bank together, and he will be able to come to meet you across the river. Since it's your first time in Paris, having the services of a Concierge in a 5-star hotel will be very useful in getting dinner recommendations and reservations, etc. I would not walk away from a 5-star accommodation at a 3-star price in Paris. You can use this trip to get acquainted with the city's many charms, and then next time feel more secure about booking an apartment and being more on your own in a Parisian neighborhood. Have a wonderful time!

Posted by Dick
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If you decide to give up the 5-star room at 3-star price, can I have it? ;)