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Paris hotel in the Latin quarter or st germaine in September. We prefer smaller hotels on a quiet street. Thank you

Posted by Dave
Ventura, CA, USA
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Shirley, after an apartment owner canceled on us I reserved a room at Hotel de l'Esperance on Rue Pascal in the 5th. While not quite as nice a place as we had hoped for, it's reasonable at E85 for double with shower, and the best part-they had a room. Great references from RS readers here. I called them directly and they were very courteous and helpful.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Shirly, September is super busy month for hotels in Paris, its trade show season as well as fashion show season, and well as still high tourist season, so at this point you are going to have to maybe settle for second or third choices. I can recommend these hotels in Latin Quarter or ST Germain. All clean and decent , some a bit pricier then other but all are reasonable.. unfortunately you will get no price breaks for this time frame. Hotel St Pierre- small rooms, clean , quiet street off a busy street, budget pick .Near the Sorbonne, great location. Hotel Eugenie,very central location , 2 minutes to river in the 6th but right near border of 5th, not a fancy place but decent, mini fridge in room, nice staff. Street is however noisey at times ( mostly with pedestrians ) so requet back room( no view but quieter) Hotel Des Grand Hommes,, this is nicer hotel, if faces the Pantheon, but is really a fairly quiet location,especially at night.. pricier, but nice tradional d├ęcor and nice staff. Sister hotel next door is apparently just as nice ( Hotel Pantheon) .. most people suggest getting view rooms here( as I said noise is not an issue) but I am cheap so didn't bother( I almost never pay for a view I can get for free by walking outside, lol )

Posted by Jean-Paul
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Last September we were in Paris for 2 nights before returning home. We stayed at the Hotel Cluny Sorbonne (Latin Quarter). About 100 euros/night but the location was fantastic. Small, perfectly clean and quiet rooms overlooking a quiet street. 24 hours/ day the front desk is securely manned. It is just up the street from the Cluny museum and across from the Sorbonne university. It wasn't until we got there til we realized how centrally lacated it is to so many sites and metros. We'll definately stay there, but only for few night at the most as it was a bit cramped... tres Parisienne!

Posted by Anita
Long Beach, California, USA
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We love Hotel du Pantheon in the latin quarter directly adjacent to the Pantheon. It is quiet, small, and very nice. They are just finishing up a renovation but I'm sure it will be beautiful!

Posted by Gregory
Spokane, WA, USA
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We stayed at Hotel St. Jacques in the Latin Quarter and loved it! Close by is my favorite restaurant, Le Petit Prince. You can look them both up online.

Posted by Susan
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We've stayed at Hotel St. Jacques twice (we especially enjoyed a room w/balcony) and Hotel du Pantheon and both were good... another good one we've stayed at: Hotel des Grandes Ecoles, which has a nice garden.

Posted by Don
Charlestown, RI, USA
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We stayed four nights at Hotel Jardin de l'Odeon. Also on a small street a few blocks from Luxembourg Gardens towards the University and Blvd. St. Germain. Had very good breakfast and a great room.

Posted by Irv
Beverly Hills, MI
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We stayed at the Hotel Home Latin in the Latin Quarter. Very pleasant room located on a quiet side street. Their web site has their best prices.

Posted by Shirley
Hayward, Wi, USA
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Thank you for your recommendation. We are going to Paris in 2014 and I am checking for our hotel resevations this weekend.I appreciate your information. Shirley

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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shirly , just a heads up,, many smaller places do not open their reservations till 6 months or less ahead, so while checking now you may find some places say they have "no availability ",, nevermind that, just compare roughly prices to get ideas and try back in a few more months.. if going next September ( 2014) I would look in January for actual rates.

Posted by Shirley
Hayward, Wi, USA
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Thank you I appreciate I appreciate this information. Shirley

Posted by Barb
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We stayed at Hotel Bonaparte in May of this year. It is in the St Germaine area and very close to metros and cafes and the Luxemboug Gardens. It is recommended by Rick Steves, is on a pretty quiet street, has AC and a lot of amenities. Frederick at the front desk bends over backwards to please. It is a small hotel and has the charm without sacrificing space. Our room was very spacious by Paris standards. We will stay there again in May of next year if we can return to Paris.

Posted by Shirley
Hayward, Wi, USA
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Thank you for your hotel recommendation I am on my iPad checking hotels at this morning. Shirley

Posted by Irene
Ventura, CA, United States
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Just got back from Paris a few days ago. We stayed at the Hotel Eugenie in the Latin Quarter. It is small, clean and easy to get to by Metro. What we liked best is the location. It is a few minutes walk to Seine and you can walk to the Notre Dame very easily. We did walk to the Louvre as well but it was about 20 to 30 minute walk. Staff was very nice, spoke English and a basic breakfast is offered for about 10 euro per person.A gal there was so helpful she even got info for me on how to get to our next hotel in Roissy near Charles de Gaulle airport. Not elegant but all we wanted was a clean place to sleep and it definitely was that!

Posted by Tom
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I prefer staying near the Eiffel Tower in the 7th (especially for night walking) and have stayed at four of the hotels RS talks about in the Rue Cler section of his Paris book. Hotel Grand Leveque, Hotel du Champs de Mars, Hotel de l'Alma and the Hotel Kensington. I like the Hotel Kensington because of its double rooms with an "American"-sized bathroom (be sure to ask for this!). Remember, a French "double" is usually just a full-size bed unless there are two twin beds in it. The Rue Cler is everything Rick says it is and the Hotel Grand Leveque enters right on the rue. It is better, based on everyone's comments, if you can wait until October when all the large tourist groups are gone (for the most part) and the city is moving into (my favorite season) fall.