Hotel in Geneva

My wife is going to Switzerland for a week (work) and I will be joining her. Most of the time we will be sharing a business paid hotel room but it looks like we will have to stay at least one night extra in Geneva. We can't afford the rates the company is paying for the work nights, nor do we need that level of luxury. We need a decent location, clean, private (en-suite) bathroom. Any suggestions?

Posted by Jim
Dallas, Texas, USA
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We had a successful trip when we stayed at Hotel Warwick, but it may still be a little pricey. Sometimes the time of year has a bearing on the nightly charge. We chose it for its convenience; it was close to the train station ( if you were to consider going outside Geneva to other parts of Switzerland)

Posted by Lola
Seattle, WA
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Does it need to be in Geneva? Are you flying out early the next morning? If you plane is mid-morning or later, you found stay in a nearby village along the lake, and train it. We stayed in Morges ( Audrey Hepburn's home base), in a hotel right on the lake, and really enjoyed it.