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Hotel du Champ de Mars, Paris, 7th A. Rue Cler area

Has anyone requested information via email on availability of rooms with this hotel?
I sent two emails regarding availability in Jan 2008 from two different accounts a week ago and have not gotten a reply to either account. I have emailed other hotels from RS's book and received emails back within 24 hours.

RS says that this is a popular hotel and to be patient. I am wondering how long to be patient or by their not replying are they saying they don't have availability?
Thanks for any insight.

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I'm having a similar problem with Hotel Jeanne D'Arc. I've decided that the best way to deal with these hotels is to call on the phone. It isn't expensive if you use a calling card; people on the other end speak fluent English if you call during normal work hours--about 8 am to 6 pm their time. They are 9 hours later than the West Coast.

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I have found it is best to communicate by phone. Call very early your time, and you will have no problem with reservation information.

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No reply can mean that they have no rooms available. It frequently means that the person who handles the messages in English is not yet aviailable.

Try the phone. From San Diego, do it very early AM.

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Judith, I would try again. We stayed there in 2006, and they responded very quickly to our email. Possibly they mislaid yours, so I wouldn't give up yet. Also, of course, you could call and/or fax.

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