Hotel Astoria, Carcassonne, France

My husband and I are leaving for France on Apr 27 and have been studying RS's France 2009 and checking on the web. We will be in France for 2 weeks and will have a car. We would like to stay as inexpensive as possible. I'm checking Rick's lowest price suggestions for hotels. I found one in Carcassonne, Hotel Astoria. It seems like a real good deal with parking but Tripadvisor reviews have been really bad. Wondering if Rick still recommends this hotel or if anyone has stayed there?

Posted by Doug
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Tripadvisor reviews aren't really anonymous. To review, one must be registered and the reviews - unlike here - must past muster with Tripadvisor's screening. It's easy to look at the reviewer's other posts to get an idea of their experience and expertise.

Sure, reviewers can use pseudonyms, but they can here too.

Posted by Ash
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Another suggestion is the Hotel Montmorency, just outside the walls, within 100 meters of the gate. A very nice and reasonably priced place with free parking.

Posted by Ed
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For inexpensive, there's an Etap less than a mile east of the old city on Hwy N113. Probably better than seventy five bucks. Clean, spartan, safe, zero ambiance -- but we use the chain all the time. Breakfast is not a good deal, but they have great coffee machines.