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Host Gifts

What would the French appreciate as a gift, one couple we will stay with have a vineyard in Burgandy, and the next is the host family for our 17 year old daughter's foreign exchange, they live in Valence.

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We have brought native american items as gifts. A nice plaque or artwork by a local tribe. If they have children, rub on tatoos with native american symbols are fun.
We also have brought jams and jellies made in our area. A book of Washington is a nice gift, one that shows the region you live in. Artwork is always appreciated too, maybe some local artist's tulip painting or watercolor or a photographers image of the Skaget Valley. This makes the gift personal because it is from the area you live in.

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we take small jars of huckleberry jam because the fruit is native to the Northwest. I wrap each jar in bubble wrap and then put it in a qt ziplock; "bury" the ziplocks in the spare pair of shoes or amog clothing.

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Host Gifts,
Our last trip to France I had knitted scarves out of colorful yarn that is popular now. The ladies loved receiving them. The squish very nicely in a Ziplock bag and are very light. I have for my Italy trip small journals with the hosts initial on them as well as the scarves. An Oregon pen for the men with a refill and Oregon notepad. I make bookmarks out of leather so will make one for the two men associated with the B&B's. Handtowels with the state name also is a nice choice. Happy hunting.

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We always try to bring NYState products. Maple syrup and maple candy is always a hit. I also bring a small, painted wooden bluebird, the state bird. makes a variety of songbirds and miniature ducks that are found throughout the country. These are made in the US and are great representations of the birds. I did bring NYS wine one year, but it is a pain to pack, especially since we no longer lock our checked luggage.