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I am planing to visit Normandy and brittany regions of France by car. Can anyone suggest which cities to choose as a home base for those regions (ie close to everything, car friendly, nice hotels)?

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In Brittany I'd suggest Hotel Le d'Avaugour in Dinan. It's a great historic town and not too far from St. Malo and Mont St. Michel.

In Normandy you might choose Caen (best hotel is the Holiday Inn) if you want to be close to Bayeux and the D-Day Beaches, or Deauville if you prefer to stay on the coast. Here's a good place to stay in Deauville:

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I would agree about Bayeux. We will be staying there four nights using it as our home base. The Normans still love us Americans!! If you can squeeze in a Battlebus tour you will not be disappointed.

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My vote is for Bayeux too. We stayed at a nice B&B with a wonderful breakfast (Ramparts) but honestly I don't think there is a bad place in the whole town. There are tons of places to stay that are nice according to all of the other people we have spoken to.

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Here's a novel suggestion. Consider sleeping at a famous location that directly stradles the border between the two regions- Mont St Michel! Staying in one of the hotels on the rock gives you a reserved parking space safe from the tidal surges. You could make daytrips to both regions, avoiding the packed crowds that invade the island during the day. At night, the place gains a surreal peace. Few places in Europe (except perhaps Venice) offer such a magnificent contrast between day and night.

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Fara, I've not taken rooms there, but am familiar with a good reputation of an Inn in Evran, Brittany, France. Here is the web site:

I hope your visit is wonderful. P.