Hiking in Andalucia

We will spend two weeks in Andalucia in early April, and plan to spend a few days hiking. We have two choices: the area around Sierra de Aracena (Alajar might be our base) or Sierra Nevada and Las Alpujarras region (Mareina might be our base). Does anyone have a recommendation about which would be preferable? I know that we would have to be aware of snow if we went to Las Alpujarras. We will have a car. Other factors to consider? Picturesque-ness? Marked trails?
Thank you for your wisdom!

Posted by Kelly
St Petersburg Florida
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We were in Las alpujarras for New Years for a mountain bike trip. We stayed at hotel Los berchules in the small town of the same name, berchules. It was awesome. We didn't hike but will the next time we go to get used to the altitude; our poor floridian lungs hated the first 2 days. The hotel caters to hikers and give great advice on trails. Poppies and almond blossoms are in bloom. It's so rural too. We had to pull over to let the herded flock of sheep, goats, rams walk by. I will give you the hotel info. It's run by British expat, Wendy, and her Spanish born son, Alejandro. They were incredibly hospitable. Alejandro was an incredible chef. Rooms have balconies and great views. I can't wait to return. http://www.hotelberchules.com/ Their list of walks http://www.hotelberchules.com/en/the-walks-menu