Hiking Cap Ferrat or Cap Martin?

I am interested in taking a coastal hike while staying on the Cote d'Azur and would like any opinions on which is the better hike - Cap Martin or Cap Ferrat. My main interests are in expansive views of the Med and the coastline while hiking and a sense of being in a natural landscape as much as possible. I'll be reliant on public transportation for access and would like to minimize the logistics of getting there and back (from Nice). From some things I've read, it sounds like you can begin the Cap Martin walk from the beach in front of the Monte Carlo casino. Is this a straightforward proposition with the path well marked if I tried an out and back walk? Thank you for any information that you are able to offer! Dan

Posted by steven
white plains, ny, usa
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Dan ,I am not familiar with Cap Martin , but I am with Cap Ferrat . I did , however look around Cap Martin using Google street view ,and based on the description of your interests , Cap Ferrat wins , hands down .Train service between Nice and either place is a snap but the kind of ambience you seek is predominant at Cap Ferrat ,a place with a kind of paradise like lushness ,have a look at the Google street views and you'll get an idea of the place . We particularly were taken with Villefranche and Cap Ferrat .

Posted by Dan
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Hi Steven - Thank you for your quick response. In looking at Google Maps street view and some other pictures that I stumbled on, you are spot on as to Cap Ferrat offering the kind of walk that I'm looking for. Happy Travels!

Posted by Nigel
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the beach in front of the Monte Carlo casino Just by the way - there isn't one. The Casino is surrounded by parks and streets.