Help with train tickets from Stuttgart to Strasbourg and Paris

I would like to travel on Sep 10 from Stuttgart to Paris with a stop in Strasbourg along the way. It does not matter what time I arrive in Paris, but I do not want to arrive too late in the evening. I thought I might take a train to Strasbourg in the morning and sightsee the city for about 4-5 hours and then get on a train to the Bercy area of Paris. A friend recommended this site for the Europe Special Fare, but I am having difficulty completing the query for my destinations. Is this feasible for a single travel day? What stations should I use for these destinations? How do I go about purchasing tickets?
Also, any suggestions for sightseeing/eating/events in Strasbourg? Thank you for your help!

Posted by Tim
Minneapolis, MN, USA
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You can book Stuttgart-Strasbourg on, but not Strasbourg-Paris because the route is entirely outside Germany. Stuttgart-Strasbourg: For 10 September you still can get a discount fare of €29.00 on the 06:55 direct TGV and €49.00 on the direct 08:55 TGV. Strasbourg-Paris: If you book on, for 10 September you still can get a discount fare of €25.00 on the direct 15:44 TGV, €30.00 on the direct 16:45 TGV, €30.00 on the direct 17:43 TGV, and €25.00 on the direct 18:44 TGV. Choose France as your ticket collection country.

Posted by Andreas
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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Strasbourg is not very big and you should really only focus on the old-town part. From the train station take the tram to Place Kleber, from there walk towards the cathedral (you'll see it)... then take a bateau mouche ride on the river just around old town (around 1 hour). You will have seen quite a pretty and busy small city - but you will have seen it all by then. You can also buy a flexible ticket from Stuttgart to Paris for €116 and then take any train from Stuttgart to Strasbourg and any train from Strasbourg to Paris - pretty much on a hop-on/hop-off basis. Alternatively the two available specials are mentioned to you in the post above mine. My favorite small, local square to eat in Strasbourg is a small, hidden square between Rue des Frères and Rue du Chapon. It's only a short walk from the cathedral but you won't find many tourists there. There are four or five bistros and restaurants around that square. The atmosphere outside is very unique.