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Help on Rhine Falls at Schaffhausen

I would be in Zurich for a day. I was wondering if I should do the Rhine Falls at Schaffhausen or visit Fraumunster Church, Bahnhofstrasse, Grossmunster &
Swiss National Museum instead.

After Zurich, I would be travelling to Lucerne & Lauterbrunnen and my final stop would be Zurich. I will have 3 hours to spare but I have a plane to catch. I was thinking of doing a short visit near the airport. If I were to do the Rhine Falls on the first day, is it possible to visit the mentioned places during the 3 hours?

Does the visit to the rhine falls take a whole day? Is it possible to come back from the rhine falls to visit the mentioned places? Is there a place where I can leave my luggage?


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