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Help needed traveling from Vienna to Venice

Hi there!
I'm looking for the fastest, most cost-effective way to get from Vienna to Venice next June. Any suggestions of an airline that is safe and reliable but doesn't cost hundreds of euros?
Thanks in advance

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According to, SkyEurope is a budget airline that flies between Vienna and Venice Treviso.

Are you open to taking the train? Austrian Rail offers online SparSchiene fares for both day and night trains. See here:

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Well, the train isn't fast, but it sure is a pleasure! I took my wife from Vienna to Venice for her big 4-0. Took about 7 hours. Left early in the morning and arrived mid-afternoon. As it was off-season, we had a compartment to ourselves most of the way. Even enjoyed a nice picnic lunch enroute, complete with a nice bottle of wine. Enjoyed watching the scenary change from Alpine valleys to rolling italian vineyards. And, of course, the train pulls right into Venice and you have the pleasure of stepping right off the train and into a vaparetto. Wow. Just writing about it makes me want to go back. It truly is one of the most amazing and beautiful cities on earth. Happy travels!

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Thanks so much for your tips everyone, you're making me excited to go. Hey Thomas, which train did you take? Does it take a Eurail pass or do you have to buy a separate ticket?
Also, I looked into SkyEurope and it doesn't fly on the day we're going to travel. Does anyone know if they ever add extra flights?

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The first daytime direct train leaves Wien (Vienna) at 06:30 and arrives at Venezia Santa Lucia at 13:26. The next one leaves at 12:57 and arrives at 21:20 (longer because of more stops).

If you have a Eurail pass that includes the appropriate countries, it would be good on those trains, but you would have to pay a reservation fee.

The SparSchiene fare is €29 for the direct day trains. SparSchiene fares for the direct night train vary according to the type of sleeping accommodations you choose--and they may compare favorably to the supplement you would have to pay for sleeping accommodations if you have a railpass. Unless you read German, booking by phone would be easier than booking online. Book ASAP (up to three months in advance) because SparSchiene tickets are limited. Dial your country's international access code + 43 (country code for Austria) + 5-1717.

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People have varied opinions about this, but if I didn't care about seeing anything between Venice and Vienna then I'd take a night train. This is a good distance for a night train.

I checked on for schedules. You can leave Vienna around 9 PM and get to Venice between 8 and 9 AM.