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Help me plan my Berlin to Budapest trip

Here is how I have planned my trip. Berlin (4 1/2 days) - Dresden (1 day) - Prague (3 days) - Vienna (4 days including one day trip to Bratislava) - Budapest (3 days).
Do you think this planning makes sense? Please make any suggestion you feel is appropriate.

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I agree it's a good plan, because you are basically splitting your time evenly between the four big cities. You won't know how you feel about each one until you see it, so it makes sense not to prioritize one over the others on a first trip. And spending the "extra" day in Berlin vs the others makes sense too, because the day of arrival from the US is often a jet-lagged haze (at least, it is for me).

My only other suggestion is to investigate if anything you want to do will require reservations. The two that I know of are the Historic Green Vault in Dresden and the Reichstag Dome in Berlin. Since you are in each city a short time, you will want to have these things reserved before you leave home (if you want to see them, that is).