Help in choosing a concert in Vienna

We will be in Vienna July 3-7 and would love to attend 2 concerts. Does not appear Vienna Boys Choir is performing and does not appear that there is anything at the Opera House on these dates. So.. options seem to be Schonbrunn Palace, Hofburg Palace, Vienna Residence Orchestra at Aversperg Palace and Mozart Requiem at Charles Church. Selections are not published but it appears it is waltz music and Mozart. Love a larger orchestra and variety. Any recommendations on venues? If anyone has first had experience it would be much appreciated!! By the way, we are in our late 50's :)
Thank you

Posted by Jim
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If variety is on your possible menu, you could consider taking about an hour train trip (you can connect at several underground stations at the southern side of the Inner Ring) out of Vienna to Baden where there is a delightful open roof theatre (in Summer months) that presents Austrian and other operettas. The singing is often great and the plots lean more toward the romantic and farcical. The language is certainly no barrier to the enjoyment, and the operetta is an Austrian art form We saw Die Zircusprincessen in the town's park in that Open roof theatre and had a great time. Baden is a small spa town and it is easy to arrive in mid-afternoon, walk through the park, visit the spa, stop for a sandwich and a beer before the show, and, after the show, and catch a 9:30 or 10:00 train back to Vienna for a late dinner or snack. Vienna is a sophisticated town with many eating opportunities available at late evening. We get a few emailed notices from the theatre ( in German, of course). If you're interested I can email you a link.

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Thank you both for the suggestions. We will definitely go ahead and go to the Requiem performance at the church. Do you think we should get advance tickets from the states? Will also look into the opera--love the sound of the ope air venue! Was also reading about the giant screen performances in the park by city hall (Ratshaus I believe). Summer schedule is not yet posted but will give that a try too!

Posted by James E.
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That's the tragedy of going to Central Europe in the summer; the theaters are for the most part closed and what is open tends to be targeted towards tourists, which can be both good and not so good depending on your point of view. For anyone else looking at this who still has time for plan modifications 15 June through the 1st of August is the approximate range of the summer break and most mainstay theaters will be closed. But some towns like Budapest do try and compensate with outdoor music festivals that can include the entire gamut of genres in one Festival. Also check the small surrounding towns because there is often a lot going on there as well. The church concerts also generally go on year round and attract some locals but again, mostly tourists. If you haven't already done so you might look here Operetta is a French invention from the early 1800's adopted by Johann Strauss the younger in Austria in the late 1800's. I believe the Germans and English didn't get on board until a little later on. I personally enjoy them very much. A lot of modern productions blur the line between "musical" and "operetta" but we enjoy then either way. We see one on most trips to Budapest. The theater we attend projects either English or German translations above the proscenium opening for many of the shows.