Haunted European Castles: oh yeah, we want to stay in one!

Okay, Hallow's eve is around corner and some, rather alot of people will blow this post off as hocus-pocus. But, next time we're in Europe we want to stay at least a few days in a castle. But not any castle, a truely haunted castle. Not haunted like "I must make this months mortgage... how can I get people to stay at my castle... oh yes, post that it's haunted" ... no, really haunted with actual ghosts/spirits/apparitions. So, now here's my question, and I know I'm gonna get alot of flack for this, but, which European castles are actually haunted and how do you know this?

Posted by Sarah
Stuttgart, Germany
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I don't really believe in the supernatural, but I've gotten a kick out of stuff like this since I was a kid, so I understand your desire. The best way is to do research into haunted European sites, quite a few are working hotels (just like there's a lot of famously haunted hotels in the US) and find something with a long history of hauntings, as opposed to something that's just randomly connected with a creepy location (like Bran's Castle in Transylvania, sold as "Dracula's castle" but has nothing to do with the historic Vlad Tepes). There's a ton of info on the web about this sort of thing. There's also "haunted" tours in many old cities.

Posted by Andrea
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
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It's not a castle but we stayed in the Skirrid Inn in Wales after seeing it on the TV program Most Haunted. My husband is into all that so I agreed. Of course as soon as his head hit the pillow he was asleep and I was up most of the night terrified. After they closed up the pub they allowed the guests to "ghost hunt". The other guests didn't mention seeing anything over breakfast the next morning. Apparently there were dozens of people hanged there when it was a temporary court.