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Has anyone had trouble with the launderia in Nazare?

The Rick Steves Portugal guidebook recommends a launderia in Nazare that we could not locate, but we found another launderia near Gonzales street in downtown Nazare. We had a terrible experience with this launderia so I'd like to know if it was an isolated experience or if this place has a bad reputation.

I usually do laundry in the hotel sink but we decided to splurge and have it done for us mid-trip. They speak English well so there was no language barrier. We asked that they wash everything in cold water and hang dry. The lady at the counter was sullen and had a grumpy disposition (both when I dropped off the laundry and when I picked it up), but I didn't think much of it. However, when we picked up our laundry the next day I should have checked the contents. Not only did she ruin my pants by washing them in hot water (they shrunk almost a whole size), but she lost my underwear! She also gave us someone else's tank top and a man's pair of underwear, so I imagine other travellers aren't happy.

You can imagine what it's like to finish your vacation sans an extra set of underwear and one less pair of pants than when you started. I learned that one pair of undies can be washed and dried in a half hour...ready for a new day of site seeing!

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