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Happy 400th Birthday, Hofbräuhaus!

One of the landmarks of Munich celebrated a round birthday last weekend: To the day 400 years ago the first beer was brewed in the world famous building on Platzl square in Munich. A traditional Bavarian costumes birthday parade was held and the Bavarian finance minister donated a replica of a brewer's aide which before WW2 was mounted on top of the entrance but didn't survive the war. "I'm proud to repeat that the State of Bavaria owns the majority of this historical institution which will never be sold!" he commented. The day was celebrated with 400 liters of free beer and with pig nuckles for 400 cents per order.The first Hofbräuhaus (brewing house of the court) was built in 1589 by Duke William but it had to be replaced by a much larger one as early as 1607. The beer gained international fame even back then. When Munich was occupied by the Swedes in 1632 during the war of 30 years not only did they request all the city's money but also 1,000 buckets of Hofbräu beer. Some say that where the Swedes used to camp 400 years ago today is the site of one of Munich's two IKEAs ;-)

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YES---we love it so!

We've been to Munich twice and had great fun there both times meeting nice people from different parts of the world, drinking great beer, eating great knuckles, and great music!

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"In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus: Eins, zwei, g'suffa . . ."
Happy birthday to one of the most fun places on earth.

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Having lived in München for three years in the '60's and visiting each of the past three years, I never get tired of the HB. Some put it down as a "tourist trap." I disagree - a tourist trap to me is poor quality, poor service, and prices boardering on robbery. The HB is none of these, in my opinion. The beer and food is good, at reasonable prices. I have never had poor service, and it IS a place to meet total stangers and talk for a few hours and make a connection with someone you will never see again.

Last April we sat across from a German businessman who was in town for work and stopped by. I got to practice my German and he got to practice his English. It was TOTALLY enjoyable.

I know some Germans don't particularly like places such as the HB because they feel that alot of tourists come away thinking that all of Germany is like this, but that's not the beer hall's fault - that is a lack of education about the rest of Germany.