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Group travel in Europe

In the summer of 2008, my wife and I are planning to travel to and in Germany with two other couples for about two weeks. We will probably fly into Frankfurt and concentrate our visit in western and southern Germany.

My dilemma involves travel within Germany. We want to be flexible enought to travel to different towns, both large and small, but a rental car/vehicle large enough for 6 people plus luggage would be expensive and not handy in small towns.

However, to rely on train travel would involve hauling several piees of luggage on and off trains and then into taxis for travel to our overnight accomodations.

Any suggestions about what to do would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Charlie, In the summer of'05 I organized a 4 week trip for 8 of us to Italy, France and the Netherlands.
Then last April there were 4 of us on a loop trip of France. Both trips we only used trains and taxis only to and from the train stations and the airports. It was easy hauling all the luggage because each person was responsible for his/her own back pack and day pack. I stressed before the trip that it's much more enjoyable to pack light and it's so much easier to get off and on the trains or up the hotel stairs.

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I agree with the previous post. I have traveled with a small group throughout Europe. Travel light. Purchase backpacks. Go to either a camping store or travel store. There are so many to choose from.