Grasses, France

We are staying in Antibes and have a car. Is a drive to grasse worth the time and is it scenic? Thank you!

Posted by Ed
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No place is bad. The drive up is not especially great. The perfume business is blah. The maritime museum has limited scope. I could thing of better ways to spend a hour driving. Were I going to Castellane, I'm not sure I'd even bother to stop.

Posted by Alexander
Quad Cities, IL/IA
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I was very impressed with the scenery. There are spots in town that are charming, but it's not a hopping scene.

Posted by Maureen
San Francisco
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It's OK, we did the tour of one of the factories. Could have skipped it. A cute town is Biot. They have many families of glass makers working on site, adjacent to their showroom. If you like blown glass and art, this is a fun way to spend an afternoon. Not far from Antibes.

Posted by Terry kathryn
Ann Arbor, Mi
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No raving review from here either... it was fine, but there was a lot of traffic and tons of tour buses when I was there. Did go to a perfume factory, but found my favorite fragrance from Europe in another little town totally by accident. I didn't dislike it, but it wasn't a place I need to return to.