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Grand Hotel Leveque (Paris): 2 Thumbs Down

I'm a RS follower and have been for years, but had to share a negative experience (the first) at his recommended Grand Hotel Leveque. We were wrongly charged for "breaking a headboard lamp" after we left ($90), when it was likely done by the staff when they moved the extra beds out of our tiny room. We do have 2 children (thus the quadruple room and extra beds), but we were barely in the room given the fact that we were out seeing Paris all day each day.

The room was already in disrepair - one window would not stay closed and the bedside "tables" were falling apart. The bathroom was not clean and we had to ask for hand soap. I recommend that a different hotel be listed in the RS Paris guidebook; I believe they are profiting greatly from those of us who trust your suggestions (and I still do) and doing little to appreciate the guests who flock there.

This was my first experience like this with any hotel, much less one we chose out of a RS book. Just wanted to share and encourage you to find a better place to stay!

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Good information, Linn, but perhaps you could post this to the Trip Reports section - that's where rants and reports go...

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As Nigel mentioned, this would probably be more appropriate in the Trip Reports section. You might also consider posting a review in Trip Advisor.

FWIW, I stayed at the Grand Hotel Leveque in July, and had no problems at all. The room was somewhat "basic" and the bathroom and shower were small, but quite adequate. I've stayed there before so had an idea what the facilities would be like.

I agree, being charged for a bedside lamp that you didn't break is not right. In the same situation, I'd probably send an E-mail to the hotel, as they may be willing to reverse the charge. You could also dispute that with your credit card company.


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Linn, Over the years several people have posted on the Helpline about their experience with this particular hotel. I think there is a website for comments on the guidebooks where you may want to post this too.

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Agree with the spirit of Bets' posting: in addition to, rather than instead of. It appears that the regulars routinely recommend that posters place comments on one, and only one, board. And, the most appropriate at that. As I have previously stated, I completely disagree. Many readers follow one or two boards, not all of them. In this case, I never read the trip review board. If this were not posted on the appropriate geographic board, I would never have seen it. This posting is particularly important as it relates to one of several hotels in Paris, long recommended, that has received multiple poor reviews from persons who have used them.

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There used to be a section on this website for feedback on the guidebooks, but I cannot find it any more.

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I have read many mixed reviews on this hotel. I read and use the hotel review section on as I like the fact it covers thousands of hotels ,, and not just the hotels suggested by one guide book writer/tv host. sorry I like Rick, but I have always booked my hotels via owner direct, and I have always used the hotel reviews sections. Must have booked at very least 20-25 hotels that way, in europe, LA and Hawaii. Can't imagine limiting myself to only a dozen or so "recommended " hotels.

By the way, on my one RS tour( which was great) we did not stay in any of the hotels in the guide books,, even RS knows there are thousands of other great choices.. I think some people become slaves to doing "what RS says" all the time.

That hotel seems expensive for what it is, and frankly I think from reading dozens of reviews that they don't really care, ,since they are in a guide book they know they will always be busy.. I don't like the area either. Course I have only been visiting Paris for 30 + years..

Not a hope of getting your money back . Once you have paid they will hang onto it like glue. I think you had been smarter to confront the issue while there and in person.. they don't care that you won't go back, since thousands of other folks reading the guide books will.. so I think you will do best to bring it to the attention of RS Feedback.. perhaps the hotel does not deserve to get all the free advertising anymore by being in RS book.

PS Sometimes folks defend a place or area.. but since they have only ever stayed in that area or hotel I rarely give their opinion much weight.. they have nothing or little to compare it to.

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If the $90 was charged to their card after they checked out and departed, they could certainly challenge it through their credit card company---reporter as an unauthorized charge and let the credit card company investigate.