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Granada, Spain or extra days in Portugal?

We are flying into Seville in May and planning to spend a few days touring Seville and Cordoba before heading to Portugal. We have about 2 extra days in our itinerary and are trying to decide whether we should use them to visit the Alhambra in Granada or use them to explore a bit more of Portugal--perhaps Comibra or Nazare. My gut feeling is that 2 days might not be enough to see Granada and that we would feel rushed in both Granada and Portugal. But, then again, maybe seeing Granada is worth feeling rushed? On first glance, accommodations in Granada look a little pricier than Portugal and there is also the extra travel cost to consider. Is Granada worth the extra time and expense or would we be just as satisfied and more relaxed spending our extra days in Portugal?

Thank you!

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I would vote for Granada and, if you can fit it in, consider Toledo too.

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If you have 2 full days, I'd definitely go to Granada. It's a little over 3 hours by train from Seville.

How are you planning to get to Portugal from Spain?

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My suggestion would be to spend the extra two days in Granada. I was in Spain in June, and Granada was my favourite of all the places I visited.

A visit to the Alhambra is definitely worthwhile, but be sure to get reservations well in advance! You can book online and then either print the tickets or pick them up at any La Caixa super ATM in Spain (you must use the same credit card used to book the tickets when picking up from an ATM). They're very precise with their times, so be sure you're not late!

Another attraction I really enjoyed in Granada was the Gypsy Flamenco show at Venta El Gallo. Many hotels sell tickets for it, and the show provides pickup from hotels. If you're feeling adventurous, you could also consider a Segway tour of Albaizin and Sacromonte. They're a lot of fun and it sure beats walking!

Happy travels!

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Granada is definitely worth the effort and expense. Invest in reading how to spend your time at alhambra, online ticket purchase(well in advance of visit) is a must. Consider watching sunset from within alhambra, many do it from outside, but sense of "presence" from within is a great experience.

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You kind of left out how long and/or thorough your visit to Portugal is, or isn't, and your style and means of travel. My point is that while Granada is unforgettable (I've been there twice) there is a lot of Portugal that is unforgettable, and more off-the-beaten track than Spain. That is, there's a lot more to Andalusia than Granada ... for next time.

Now I only mean this as one example, but if you are driving to northern Portugal (BTW, are you going to Guimares, the Bom Jesu pilgrimage site, the faded Bussaco Palace hotel?), why not continue to Santiago de Compostela, only slightly less unforgettable than Granada? Although I personally hate Heathrow and changing there, it's very, very easy to get to Heathrow from Santiago, and lots of travelers go home that way because of air pricing.

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I vote for Granada as well. My favorite hotel is the NH Victoria. Watch out for pickpockets!

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Granada is a great city with plenty of beautiful sights. It's also conveniently reached from Seville.

Transportation between Portugal and Spain is far from convenient.