Good Rural location in Southern Germany

Hi ALL, I need help locating a general Rural Region, in southern Germany with reasonable access to Munich for Day trips (Preferable within an hour or two), and also within reasonable accessible to both Switzerland and Austria (Zurich and Salzburg)??? Would it be good to look at spots about an hour directly south of Munich? Its ok if the day trips to Switzerland and Austria are longer than an hour (4 hours by train would be the maximum we would do, but less is better)??? Is this location, that I am looking for, a good place to stay to see the 3 countries, or is this too far for some and I am trying to conveniently locate something that is not there???? Thank you in Advance, Josephine

Posted by Tom
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"or is this too far for some and I am trying to conveniently locate something that is not there????" The big question... what are you trying to get out of these hypothetical daytrips? Obviously, looking on a map, the Bodensee area of Germany is very close to Austria, Switzerland and Lichtenstein, but to what end would want to link these similar regions of 4 separate countries?

Posted by Jo
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Thanks!!! I will cheek this out!!! Im just trying to find a good central location to be able to do day trips and weekend trips- I will be there for a while and will have a lot of time to travel.

Posted by Carroll
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I asked a similar question about five years ago, and I went with Mitttenwald. I was really happy with it. It's pretty close to Munich, right on the border with Austria, but maybe not so close to Switzerland. (I only had five days and was not planning to go to Switzerland.)

Posted by Jo
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Carroll, Thank you for the suggestion, it does look like a good spot, for what I am looking for, Maybe a little too far for Switzerland, but if I do a weekend trip there it could work! Thank you!

Posted by lisa
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Jo, check out Ramseau (sp?) it is a beautiful little village about 1/2 hr. from BG and not far at all from Salzburg. If you want, you can PM me and I can give you more information as to where we stayed etc.

Posted by Lee
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The trouble with the area directly south of Munich (Oberammergau, Bad Tölz, Schliersee) is that you have to go back to Munich in order to go anywhere - east to Salzburg, west to Zürich. To Salzburg or Zürich, you can get Saving Fare tickets from German Rail. The other alternative is to stay in Mittenwald (or Seefeld) and go south to Innsbruck for RJ to Salzburg and Zürich, but I don't know if you can get as good fares from there.