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Good midway point between Lauterbrunnen and Chenanceaux

Since I didn't get any replies to my query about Cluny - I was wondering if anybody out there had a suggestion for an interesting place to stop for the night between these 2 places. We are driving, and the suggested viamichelin route goes from Lauterbrunnen through Lausanne into France and northwest to Chenanceaux. Any suggestions?

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Thanks Ron and Adam,

We're actually spending 2 nights in Colmar before heading to Lauterbrunnen. I considered Lausanne, but it's only 2 - 3 hours outside of Lauterbrunnen. I plan on stopping and touring Chateau de Chillon on the way. I was just hoping to get a 1st hand recommendation about cluny, but I guess not many people have been. I'll have to give a report after our trip. I'm thinking about calling this our "Abbey" trip as we will be staying in Melk and le Mont St Michel also (LOL).

I do appreciate your input! Thanks, Jill

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I didn't say anything because I haven't been to Cluny. That doesn't mean it isn't worth a stop.

Alsace and Burgundy are both on your route. The classic Rick Steves picks for those regions are, respectively, Colmar and Beaune. They are friendly and interesting towns. But, you don't say what your interests are.

If historic abbeys are one of them (as Cluny suggests), I can recommend the Abbey at Fontenay, in northern Burgundy. I'm not sure, but I think there may actually be more to see there than at Cluny.

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I stayed one night in Dijon on the way to the Loire. Such an interesting, under-rated city, I wish I had spent more time there! I also stopped for lunch in Besancon, which also looked like a very attractive little city.