golf carts at Versailles -- specific questions

Four years ago we used the golf carts at Versailles to get around. It was a blast, and due to my mother's limited mobility, a must. We are going again, and because it was my mom's favorite excursion, we are going again, taking friends for their first time. Last time I remember there being rather specific instructions on how to rent them in RS's France book. This time there is little mention. I know they are limited. Can I reserve them ahead of time? Do I need to be there first thing in the morning? And last time we were able to ride them down to Marie Antoinnette's Domain or whatever it is called, the Trianon, something like that. (My personal favorite) Reading the guide it seems to suggest that you cannot ride the carts down there now? Thanks for any help!

Posted by Diane
Boston, MA, USA
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Was just there last week and rented one - was lots of fun, especially for our 11 year old daughter. When you walk out to the gardens there is a small green kiosk on your left - that's the golf cart rental. The sign says open at 10 (at least in February) but they opened at about 10:20. There was no line - but it was a cold morning in February. 30 euros for 1 hour; 7.50 euros for every 15 minutes after that. Must be 24 years old to rent and leave your driver's license with them. You do need to follow a certain route, clearly marked on a map they give you. You can drive down to the Trianon entrance, but must park there & walk in - has to be a quick visit if you're going to stay within the hour rental - we didn't stop, the Trianon doesn't open until noon in February. Have fun!

Posted by Sam
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I used one last year in Sept. As far as I know, its first come first served. There was quite a line mid day, you have to wait until someone returns one, there is a limited number. I'd get there first thing. We went to Trianon. parked there and walked in the DMA. %There is a designated path you have to stick to. If you wander off the pathe, they automatically shut down via GPS control.

Posted by Douglas
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If no carts are available or the line is too long, there is also a tram that you can ride out to the Trianons and Hamlet. Perhaps not as fun, but fits the need for mobility.

Posted by pat
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You cannot reserve , it is first come first serve, in higher season months (april -Oct)the carts will go fast ( unlike feburary) so do get there first thing if having a cart will make or break the visit.
As noted there is a tram that you can use also if you don't get a cart.