Global Transfer Services- Paris

Has anyone used Global Transfer Services in Paris for transportation to/from Charles de Gaulle airport?
It was suggested by Vacation in Paris.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Barbara , right now there is a thread on tripadvisor by a poster "Daisy" who is in Paris right now. She used them because they were recommended to her by apartment rental agency.
They were not at airport when she arrived, she looked for them with their little sign and her name on it but did not see them, she was then being rather hassled by rogue taxi drivers ( they are not the proper licenced ones) so she WISELY knew to ignore them and go to the official Taxi Stand. Suggest you just take a taxi from the taxi stand, average cost into Paris depending on traffic , number of people in car and luggage is still between 45-55 euros, and there are ALWAYS taxis there. The reliable choice. An official Taxi Parisien from the official stand.

Posted by Maureen
San Francisco
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We used a car service, found it on the Internet and had no problem. It was a flat rate , a little more than an average taxi fare, which actually turned out in our favor. There was a traffic accident and it doubled our travel time. In a taxi the meter would have kept running $$$, instead we had a flat rate. Check the Internet and tripadvisor to find one.

Posted by Barbara
San Antonio, Texas
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Thanks for information. I think we will use taxi service .