Giverny tour

Hello! Will be going to Giverny to visit the gardens, etc. on Tuesday 28th. Does anyone have an idea as to the need to do advance online ticketing for Giverny at this time of year? We plan to be there mid-morning.
Thank you.

Posted by Steven
Kingsburg, California, USA
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No need for advanced tickets. Your timing is perfect. France's schools are still in session until July but you might have to put up with the elitist American college/university artsy prima donnas. Have fun!

Posted by Scott
Hood River, Oregon, USA
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We were there three weeks ago on a Monday mid-morning coming from the Vernon train station by bus. There was a large crowd, with three buses loaded from the station and many tour buses in the parking lot. I bought our tickets online and printed them off. Going through the group entrance with no long line to wait in was a breeze. Gee, I didn't run into any of those "elitist American prima donna art students". There was a pleasant mix of many cultures who all appreciated this magnificent setting.

Posted by Laura
Virginia, USA
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My experience was similar to Scott's. I was there about a week and a half ago. I did buy an online ticket which lets you use an entrance by the group entrance so I didn't see what the ticket queue looked like. On the day I was there the place was full of young French school children.

Posted by Val
San Jose, USA
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Thanks for the replies. I think we will "play it safe" and order online tickets; hate to waste precious vacation hours in a que!

Posted by Rose
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I'm curious to know why a person who feels so much animosity toward "elitist American college/university artsy prima donnas" would even be drawn to go to Giverny. It is, after all, the revered home of one of the wotld's greatest artists, and his creation at Giverny was the inspiration for much of his late work. I'm not being antagonistic; I really am baffled by what was said in the above post.

Posted by Bets
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I think it was meant as a joke. Oh, well. Steven Colbert doesn't need to feel threatened.

Posted by Rose
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If it was a joke its intent was completely missed on me - especially in the first reply in a thread and it seems to bear no relation at all to what the person asked.