Getting to the latin quarter from CDG airport

Hello.. I am looking to take the RER B into Paris from the airport, but I am a little confused as to what to do when I get to RER Saint-Michel-Notre-Dame. I am staying at Hotel Saint Jacques, and it looks to be about 3 miles from the RER station. Does anyone know if there is a taxi or bus station there when you get there? I will have some luggage, and don't really want to walk 3 miles with it. And I would rather not take a taxi FROM the airport ... anyone has any thoughts? Best practices? Thank you!

Posted by Irv
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I just looked up the Saint Jacques, it is only a little bit over half a mile from the RER station. My wife and I have done it several times to other hotels in the same area including once with her 27" suitcase, it is not difficult unless you have a lot of luggage. If so, the best practice is to downsize your luggage.

Posted by Susan
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Don't know how much luggage you have, or technically how far Hotel St. Jacques is from RER St. Michel, but we've stayed at Hotel St. Jacques twice and walked to and from the St. Michel RER very easily. It's an easy, enjoyable walk. You exit the RER at rue St. Jacques, then you just walk up that street and turn left on rue des Ecoles and there you are at Hotel St. Jacques. Super easy.

Posted by Renee
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Thank you for your posts! I guess its closer than I thought... I think I would rather walk it anyway... glad to know I can!

Posted by Southam
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This question would be easier to answer if you had included the street address for your hotel. You can use Google maps to see exactly where you are going and how long it will take. Guessing that you are staying on Rue des ecoles, I found a precise street route, and a measurement of 800 metres or just under half a mile. The estimated walking time of three minutes is a joke, however; it will take you more than that just to get your bearings once you have emerged into the daylight at the St-Michel Metro stop. Hint: Print out this map and others you will need for various Paris locations. type in Place St-Michel and the address of your hotel.