Getting to the latin quarter from CDG airport

Hello.. I am looking to take the RER B into Paris from the airport, but I am a little confused as to what to do when I get to RER Saint-Michel-Notre-Dame. I am staying at Hotel Saint Jacques, and it looks to be about 3 miles from the RER station. Does anyone know if there is a taxi or bus station there when you get there? I will have some luggage, and don't really want to walk 3 miles with it. And I would rather not take a taxi FROM the airport ... anyone has any thoughts? Best practices? Thank you!

Posted by Sam
Green Bay
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Your not reading the map scale right. Its about a half mile (10 minute walk if you are not burdened with a lot of luggage). You can get a little closer by changing to the #10 Metro line and going one stop to Maubert Mutualite station, but you still walk a bit underground making the transfer. Then you are about 2 blocks from the St Jacques. Otherwise, Just hail a cab at St Michel ND. Use the exit at the south end of the RER platform (same direction the train is going). Not very far.