Getting around in Ghent

My husband has meetings near the university, but we are looking at a place 15 minutes away to stay. We won't have a car. What's the best way for him to get to campus? How's the bus system, taxis, etc? Or would it be best to choose a place to stay that's closer to the university? Thanks.

Posted by Tom
Lewiston, NY
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I don't have any hotel recommendations, but I'll note that Ghent has an extensive tram and bus system. For a transit map, go to this website: and click the box "Lijnen in kaart". It's kind of hard to say "What's the best way for him to get to campus?", because typical of European universities, Universiteit Gent doesn't occupy a distinct campus. Rather, it sits spread across parts of the city. So, not knowing where he needs to go, I can't really answer the question.

Posted by Tim
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Unless money is a major concern, I would stay in town. Gent has a beautiful medieval center, with canals, scenic walks, and museums. You will have plenty to do (except on Mondays, of course - but I think the Gent Altarpiece is open on Monday) without worrying about a bus ride on the excellent transit system. The only other consideration is that if his conference is long enough to consider railroad day-trips by you - would you want to be able to get to the train station easily? When I have visited Gent from Antwerp (by rail), I've taken a bus ride to the old town from the station, even though I like to walk. It's just not an interesting enough, long, walk. Buy a 10-trip local bus ticket. I can't imagine going to Gent and not going to either Bruges or Antwerp or both! Brussels would be my third choice on that list. Admittedly, you have to be an "independent" traveller. But 99% of the people you ask for directions will speak English.

Posted by Nigel
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Hi Jessica are you saying that the place you are considering is 15 minutes away on foot, by car, or by train? It would make a considerable difference in distance. The map shared above is a good one but not always easy to follow if you don't know your way about. Use the zoom in feature. Do you know what the address is of where the meetings will take place? Do you know the name of the neighborhood or street where you are considering staying? The tram and bus system in Gent is very good and pretty comprehensive. There are 2 train stations and which one to use will depend on where you are and where you want to go but Gent Sint Pieters is much larger and goes many more places.

Posted by Jessica
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Thank you for the responses. We found another place that is very close to his conference, so we're going with that instead. Thanks again!