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Germany Only Twin Pass

Flying into Frankfurt via American Airlines on June 25th (a Monday) arriving 11:10am. Need to get to Garmisch as where we are staying that evening. Have Germany Only Twin Pass. Couple of key questions:
1) Do I need to make a train reservation for Frankfurt to Munich here in the states before I fly over?
2) Looks like I can catch the ICE train at the airport for Munich and not need to go into Frankfurt - does this sound right?
3) How much time should I allow between the airline arrival and catching the train at the airport (we will carryon)?
4) Any other suggestions/warnings for me? Danka!

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In about 175 train connections in Germany, I have never made reservations. Only once (FRA-Karlsruhe) could I not find a seat when I got on. All the seats were occupied, but less than half were reserved. So, if I had made a reservation at FRA when I bought my ticket, I would have had a seat.

There are direct trains from FRA to Munich. You don't have to go into Frankfurt.

I also carryon. I have never timed getting to the Fernbahnhof, but I doubt that it takes me anywhere near an hour to get out there, buy my ticket, and get down to the train. It looks like AA uses terminal 1, so getting to the Fernbahnhof will be pretty easy.

There are two stations at FRA. The Regionalbahnhof (regional trains) is underground, across the street from terminal 1. The Fernbahnhof (long distance trains) is farther out. Go into the big entry hall, up the escalator to the mezzanine, across the pedestrian bridge, and out the corridor to the station. The ticket (resv) counter is to your left.